Services – Where can you count on me?

There are a number of services in which I can be of help, ranging from individual to company orders. Mostly I make pictures at events such as weddings, company and family gatherings. Besides, I am also engaged in commercial and product photography, company image and portrait photos, engagement photography, report photography, art and portfolio photography. Or, if you happen to need someone who deals with building and interior photography, you can also trust me.

My services for companies


Image and portrait photos for companies

It is crucial for a company’s success to use professional photography in shaping its profile, and this is where I can be of help. My professional portraits, group pictures and photos showing the office will definitely shed a favorable light on them. Besides, if you also want your products to make a good impression on your present and future customers, I can offer my services in commercial and product photography. The proficient look is guaranteed, and the photos will be ready to be presented in flyers, folders or catalogues.

Event and report photography

Each event and gathering has its own atmosphere and central message. It is one of the most important goals of a photographer to insightfully record these. It is not only so in the case of event photography, but it is the case in report photography as well; the photographer has to push the exposition button at the best possible moment in order to create truly expressing images. Be it a company anniversary, a protocol event or a concert, the main aim is to make pictures that reflect the real atmosphere of the moment, and I seek to achieve it during each session.


My services for private customers

If you would like to have your wedding day, a birthday or anniversary recorded, you can count on my help. There are many services to choose from, so you will certainly find the most suitable option. Furthermore, if you need professional studio photos for your model portfolio, I can also suggest multiple service packs.

Wedding and engagement photography

For me, the secret of good quality pictures is a smooth cooperation between the photographer and the couple. This is why I always seek to create a harmonic, friendly atmosphere. The engagement photo session may provide an excellent opportunity for me to get to know the couple better, to get familiar with your demands and aptitude and to prepare you for the wedding day, since it is our common goal to have the best possible photos of the event. During your big day I will try to lift the burden from your shoulders, so all you have to do is to enjoy each and every moment of your wedding, while I record the most beautiful instances.


Studio photography

It is frequent that a photo session has outdoors locations, yet it is also recommended to complete these pictures with studio photos. Ranging from model photography to object or art photography, the right settings, background, lights and accessories can add a lot to professional photos. The pictures can be used for private purposes, brochures, web appearances or portfolios. If you would like to have more information about my studio photography offers, do not hesitate to look at my sub-sites.

In case any of my services caught your attention, feel free to contact me:

Márton Fejes
Mobile: +36-20-32-78-712
E-mail: info@fejesfoto.hu


The first clicks

It is thanks to a simple yet long process that I have become a photographer. My first pictures were

Márton Fejes

inspired by my uncle, who was working as a photojournalist at that time, and were taken during my high school years. As a youth, I was mainly attracted by the buzz of being a photojournalist, this is why I started to work for the school paper, and later on I also had a leading role in organizing a photography workshop.

After graduation, my way leaded straight to communication major. Since I knew that I would like to work as a photojournalist, I consciously started for this career. In addition, the local photography workshop consisting of 15-20 people also confirmed that this is the profession that I would be able to do wholeheartedly.

Professional photographer step by step

Therefore, college provided futile grounds for me to get to know professionals; this is how I got in touch with the photographer of Debrecen News. This is how I got hired as an external contributor to the journal.

Since continuous development was already important for me at that time, I spent half a year in Finland with an Erasmus scholarship. I participated in photographer trainings, visual education, which turned out to be a very decisive experience in my life. After my return, I started a two-year photographer training at Medgyessy Grammar School of Debrecen.

Since my qualification as an applied photographer provided a broader perspective, I felt that the time has come for me to start my own business. I started working as a freelancer photographer in 2007, when I also changed direction and turned towards the photography of company and family gatherings, weddings and products.

Lasting images

My greatest challenge as a photographer is to create lasting memories for my customers. These images, memories will be preserved for 10-20-30 or even fifty years. This is why it is important that the customers love my photographs and feel that the images truly belong to them.


You can order my photos made at various kinds of events, graduation ceremonies and balls.
All the galleries that are available online are to be found in my recent event photos. All you have to do is to select the pictures, and to provide the following data when confirming the order: name, e-mail address, phone number, post address. You can provide the quantity of pictures and the selected size as well. I shall post it within seven working days from the order, and I expect the payment within ten working days via post or bank transfer.